Our Initiatives

Innovative Activities

With the involvement of responsive and creative teams, La Maison Bleue includes exclusive activities in its educational project. Thus was conceived the “set” of Keys that will stimulate and awaken the curiosity of children.

The “Theatre in pictures“ Key

Coming from Japan, kamishibaï or ” theater in pictures” allows to tell a story by scrolling illustrations. This animation gives the love of reading to children and develops their imagination and participation. An original way to develop memory and concentration.

The “Gardening” Key

Workshops for children, moments of sharing with parents, specific data sheets for professional … The “Gardening” Key is an innovative educational program that develops the 5 senses of children by offering new experiences inside and outside!

The “Speak with 2 hands” Key

Through learning of gestural communication, adults and children can understand each other better! A Key which promotes language development of children and strengthens the link with parents.

The “Parents“ Key

A Key thought by professionals of “La Maison Bleue” to better accommodate parents to the lives of their children in kindergarten. Throughout the year we organise workshops with children, cafés and snacks with parents, thematic meetings with external specialists or our team, parties. Parents, our first partners, are invited to participate actively in the life of our kindergarten.