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Nursery and kindergarten in Bucharest - Pipera

A little word from the head of La Maison Bleue

The blue house teaching team

“Throughout my career in education, I have understood that innovation is essential to keep children’s curiosity alive and nurture their imagination.

I appreciate the La Maison Bleue educational project for its values, respect for children and their pace, as well as for the modernity of its early years education.

We hope that this French model of success will meet with the same success with the children welcomed by our nursery school in Bucharest”.

Cristina Sandulescu, Head of La Maison Bleue Bucharest

Classes and their teaching team

The staff employed by La Maison Bleue in Bucharest are qualified in the field of early years. Also, during his/her schooling in our French nursery school in Bucharest, your child will be accompanied by caring and attentive people.

Discover now the composition of our classes and our assets for each group:

Creche Kindergarten Bucharest Francaise

Butterflies - 10 months to 2 years

Class leader: Paula

Assistant: Sanda

The child’s environment is important for their development. Also from his/her first year, in the butterfly group, your baby will gradually be able to familiarize with community life. He/She will develop new skills every day through play and activities and will make the transition between the house and the structure in accordance with his/her own rhythm.

French Kindergarten Bucharest 2 years

Ladybugs - 2 to 3 years old

Class leader: Gloria

Assistant: Ela

At around 2 years of age, the child gradually becomes more and more independent. Building the language, developing socialization skills, getting to know himself/herself and identify others, etc., there are many steps to take. Within the group of ladybugs, your child will be accompanied in the new learning with kindness.

Kindergarten for French high school Bucharest

Lower pre-school - 3 to 4 year-olds

Class leader: Théodora

The transition to the small group is smooth in our nursery school in Bucharest. Indeed, your child will be welcomed in a framework conducive to new acquisitions and his/her personal construction. While complying with the program of the Romanian ministry that issued our legal certification, we will support your child in his/her psychological development.

French French Kindergarten

Upper preschool - 4 to 6-year-olds

Class leader: Sally

In the upper pre-school group, we prepare your child for his/her entry into preparatory course (CP). Whether your plans are then to enrol your child in the French Lycée in Bucharest or in a Romanian primary school, this education will be recognized and certified by the Romanian government thanks to our accreditation “AUTORIZATĂ de către Ministerul Educației și Cercetării din România” (authorised by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research).