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Covid-19 information for nursery and kindergarten school in Bucharest - Pipera

La Maison Bleue is currently open.

We attach great importance to respecting barrier gestures in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
At La Maison Bleue your children are safe and evolve in a healthy environment.

Mandatory mask for nursery education staff

Protection mask

Mask compulsory for educational staff.

Temperature setting

Daily check

Temperature check every morning for each child.

Hand disinfection for Covid 19 in Bucharest kindergarten

Hand disinfection

Strict hygiene rules for educational staff.

Cleaning and disinfection of Pipera school toys

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of educational materials and furniture.

French expertise in Romania

La Maison Bleue intends to create nursery schools and kindergartens in Romania based on the French experience in early years care.

Our main goal is to promote the development of children. Also in order to offer the best daily support, we offer spaces where their needs, the expectations of their families and the know-how of professionals are in harmony.

Our nursery schools offer child-friendly facilities that allow them to play, experiment, learn, sing and dance. In short, we offer children the opportunity to develop by discovering and learning their environment, assimilating new knowledge and developing new skills in a playful atmosphere.

All La Maison Bleue structures apply the same principles and values while respecting the highest standards in the field of childcare and education.

Important values for the well-being of your children

Beyond a simple nursery and kindergarten, our structures are designed to make everyone feel there… at home! This is why our values live up to our ambitions.

Commitment between parent and educational staff


We have a societal mission: to do everything possible to give early years the proper attention to better contribute to the balance between personal and professional life.
Early childhood teacher and professor


We have been recognized since 2004 for our unique know-how: creating the best conditions for early years development. La Maison Bleue Pipera nursery school draws on 13 years of experience of La Maison Bleue in France, in the early years care sector.
human-sized nursery in Bucharest


We take special care in recruiting our employees, which is why we train and support our teams internally. The advantages offered by La Maison Bleue allow them to do their best work with children in a caring environment.

Enthusiasm for children's education


We love our job and we want to share our convictions with as many people as possible so that early yearly become a top priority. Our enthusiasm is reflected in our dancing, creativity and cooking activities.
Boldness in your kindergarten in Bucharest


We invent new ways to fit-out the facility while respecting the environment in the broad sense and innovating to always better contribute to the children development and to the serenity of all those who experience nursery school on a daily basis.

Overview on La Maison Bleue

The story begins in 2004 with Sylvain Forestier, an entrepreneur, and Antonia Ryckbosch, a nursery nurse. Together, they decide to create a new generation of nurseries, in partnership with communities and businesses.

La Maison Bleue is all the expertise of Early Years Care under one roof!

For 13 years, La Maison Bleue has remained true to its values:

    • A coherent and innovative educational project common to all our structures.
    • Facilities adapted to the development of each child and manufactured with respect for the environment.
    • A constant commitment to offer the best support on a daily basis.
    • Our own training school to guarantee a high professional quality service.

In 2017, La Maison Bleue has more than 130 structures: more than 1,800 qualified professionals welcome more than 5,200 children every day.

Focus on La Maison Bleue Romania

A modern and comfortable nursery and kindergarten school

Our French nursery school is located in the Pipera district, Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, in two large houses where we can accommodate children aged 10 months to 6 years.

The interior space of our nursery school is large and bright, the children have at their disposal several activity rooms, including a cinema room and a water room. We are especially excited to provide a space for children to play with water, which is both fun and educational.

An outdoor garden is also available to children, in which activities/games are proposed. Children are invited to visit this garden as often as possible: they thus have the opportunity to garden their small vegetable garden and observe the transformations of nature throughout the seasons.

So many discoveries that will arouse their curiosity, stimulate discussions around the plants that grow in the garden, and develop their awareness!

The interior fittings are made of wood, designed for specific nursery school activities and with respect for the environment.

La Maison Bleue Pipera is a nursery school with instruction in French. Our program respects the principles and practices of the French and Romanian programs.

We are also recognized by the Ministry of Education in Romania which granted us the status of Authorized School.

In accordance with the principles of La Maison Bleue, parents have an essential role in the life of our school.

Thus, throughout the year, we organize events and parties, giving them the opportunity to interact with our professionals and become more involved in our activities.

The integration of children into Maison Bleue is a very important step. This is why we offer tailor-made integration, regardless of the age of your child at the time of enrolment in our school.

The tailor-made (and therefore customized) integration allows us to welcome your child in the best conditions and to offer him/her as much as you a period of smooth transition. The time for this adaptation varies from one child to another. Every child and every parent are different, which is why we pay special attention to your needs from the start of our collaboration.