La Maison Bleue educational project

Our 8 priorities

1 – Provide the child with emotional security

2 – Establish a relationship of trust with parents

3 – Guarantee everyone attention tailored to their needs

4 – Promote the awakening of the child, his/her autonomy by relying on his/her personal resources, skills and abilities

5 – Support the child in recognizing his/her emotions, interests and desires

6– Introduce group life and socialization

7 – Associate parents with life in nursery school

8 – Support the teams

Child-centred approach

The educational project of La Maison Bleue was born by associating, on the one hand, practice in the field and, on the other hand, an intense pedagogical reflection. An innovative and unique vision centred on the development of the child.

Welcome to La Maison Bleue!

The educational project was written and designed by Antonia Ryckbosch, co-founder of La Maison Bleue.

A childcare worker by training who has served as director and coordinator of early years care structures, she relies on the work of the educational department headed by Pierre Salesne. He is a psychologist specializing in Early Years and a therapist for children.

For the well-being and development of children, everyone has an essential place to play in our Maisons Bleues!

Our Maisons Bleues, we wanted them for children, for parents and for professionals. With everything that is essential for everyone to feel good in their space, for the atmosphere to be warm and to exude confidence.
Parents entrust us with the beautiful daily mission of accompanying, supporting and developing their children from an early age. We consider that their participation is essential for the child and his/her development, this is one of the 8 commitments of our educational project.

The educational project of La Maison Bleue aims to define cohesion in the care of children so that the basic principles, necessary for their psychic construction and their development, are respected.
In addition, each La Maison Bleue nursery is equipped and furnished for daily well-being, so that the child can develop in a reassuring manner. For play and discovery time, many diversified and innovative activities are proposed to children so that they become independent and flourish at their own pace.

We, the professionals, work with enthusiasm every day to ensure the best living conditions and the development of children. In our nursery schools, everything is in place so that young children feel good and can develop at their own pace. Also, thanks to an educational project based on the child’s need for benchmarks, we do everything possible so that he/she can open up to the world while being in an environment that secures him/her emotionally.

The educational project of La Maison Bleue takes into account in the field the work of big names in Early Years such as:

    • Bowlby and his work on attachment
    • Spitz and hospitalism
    • Winnicott and the need for a good enough environment
    • Dolto on the child, an actor in his/her development

Applying a common project to all La Maison Bleue nurseries and nursery schools is a real strength that promotes consistency, harmonization and extension of professional practices. You will therefore find all these strengths in the French nursery school of Maison Bleue in Bucharest.

A day in nursery school

The collaboration between parents and professionals allowed us to establish a typical day at La Maison Bleue, in order to present our vision and the course of life in nursery school.

Who says balanced living environment also says days paced according to the needs of each one. From arrival until departure in the evening, there is a time for everything.

So here is the organization of a typical day at the Maison Bleue, your French nursery school and nursery in Bucharest:

    • 08:00 – 09:00 – Welcome and separation
    • 09:00 – 10:30 – Beginning of activities
    • 10:30 am – 11:00 am – Snack and break time
    • 11:00 – 12:30 – Activities and English lessons*
    • 12:30 – Lunch for the programs concerned
    • 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Nap or activities depending on age and need
    • 16:00 – 16:30 – Afternoon snack
    • 16:30 – 18:00 – Outdoor games and/or activities and departures

* English is taught from the early nursery school section.

The program may vary depending on the day and the activities planned.

Example of innovative activities for your children

Thanks to reactive and creative teams in its nurseries and at the head office, La Maison Bleue integrates exclusive activities into its educational project. This is how the « bunch » of Keys was designed, which will stimulate children’s awareness and curiosity. Designed in France, this concept immediately developed also in our French nursery school in Bucharest.
Story told at La Maison Bleue Romania

Workshops for children, moments of sharing with parents, specific technical sheets for professionals.

The vegetable garden workshop is an innovative educational program that helps develop children’s 5 senses by giving them new experiences inside and outside!

The cooking workshop is a moment expected by all children. In fact, every week in your nursery and kindergarten in Bucharest, your children take part in the creation of a delicious recipe.

Cake, pie, pizza, it’s always a treat.

Coming from Japan, the kamishibai or “theater in images” allows you to tell a story by scrolling through illustrations. This animation gives children a taste for reading and develops their imagination and participation.

An original way to develop memorization and concentration.

By learning gestural communication, adults and children can finally understand each other better! A workshop that promotes the development of children’s language and strengthens the bond with parents.

Our nursery and kindergarten in Bucharest puts great emphasis on communication.

A workshop designed by the professionals of La Maison Bleue to better welcome and help parents experience the life of their children in nursery school.

Workshops with children, parents’ cafes and snacks, thematic meetings with a specialist or with the team, parties and highlights throughout the year.

Parents, our first partners, are invited to participate actively in the life of our nursery school.

Optional activities for children

Dance is a favorite activity for children of all ages!

La Maison Bleue, your go-to preschool in Pipera, helps you engage your child in creative activities that will help them express their creativity and develop important coordination skills.

That’s why we offer a dance and movement activity for children ages 2-6 every Tuesday.

Your children have the opportunity to go on a field trip once a month to see a play. When the situation does not allow for a field trip, the theater comes to us in our facility.

With programs adapted to early childhood, theater is an art form that takes your children on a journey and helps develop their imagination and attention span.

In addition, they will create memories while bonding between the children and the educational staff.

Discover one of the best karate training programs for children in Pipera, Voluntari or Bucharest.

Children learn self-discipline, patience and improve their coordination on Wednesdays with a karate professional! Children begin by mastering basic kicks and katas before moving on to more complex movements.

By training at La Maison Bleue Pipera, your children will not only learn skills they can use every day, but they will also have a lot of fun with their friends.

La Maison Bleue offers a ballet activity every Monday in Pipera, Voluntari and Bucharest, where Andreea teaches children how to practice this dance.

From basic footwork to the simplest ballet positions, these sessions will allow your child to learn key skills in a safe environment, without putting too much pressure on him/her.

This way, the child will also end the day with a performance he/she can be proud of!

activite optionnelles La Maison Bleue Pipera