Our Approach

An approach centered on the child's development

The educational project of “La Maison Bleue” was born by associating the field practice on one hand, and an intense educational thinking, on the other. We have an innovative and unique vision centered on the development of the child.

The origins of the educational project

Written by Antonia Ryckbosch, co-founder of La Maison Bleue and child care specialist, an experienced coordinator of early childhood structures, the educational project of “La Maison Bleue” is based on the work of the education department headed by Pierre Salesne, psychologist specialized in early childhood and child therapist.

A common basis for better development

The educational project of “La Maison Bleue” aims to define a cohesion in the child care system we propose, so that the basic principles necessary for the psychological and physical development, are respected.
This educational project is mainly focused on the emotional security of the child and his need for identity marks, but also the autonomy of the creative child who becomes gradually accountable.

A reflection based education

The educational project of “La Maison Bleue” takes into account the work of major specialists in the field of childhood: 
– Bowlby and his work on attachment 
– Rene Spitz and hospitalism 
– Winnicott and the need for a sufficiently good environment 
– Francoise Dolto on the child, actor of his development

Our educational project, in force in all our facilities!

By applying a common project to all its nurseries and kindergartens, “La Maison Bleue” is a force that promotes coherence, harmonization and deepening of professional practices.