Our Values

At “La Maison Bleue” we are convinced that childhood is the key to the future and that our mission is to accompany children with a committed educational project and experienced staff.

For this, we believe that we must invest and innovate boldly, in order to enable children to thrive.

Our mission:

  • To give childhood the place it deserves in our society.
  • To offer more importance to the autonomy of the child, to his/her well-being and to their respect for each other
  • To provide an essential living environment, designed to support our educational project.
  • To include parents in the life of the kindergarten
  • To train our employees and to provide them with careers within our structures, by promoting an environment where motivation, performance and the highest levels of professionalism are valued.

In 2015, La Maison Bleue consist of more than 130 education structures, more than 1700 qualified professionals who receive more than 5,200 children every day.