La Maison Bleue in Romania

Our kindergarten – La Maison Bleue Baneasa- brings to Romania 10 years of French experience in early childhood.

We are located in the neighborhood Baneasa, Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, in 2 generous buildings where we can accommodate children aged 1 to 6 years old.

The interiors of our kindergarten are large and bright, children having at their disposal several activity rooms, including a cinema and a room for water games. We are particularly pleased to offer children the possibility to play with water, a fun and educative activity.

A garden is also available for activities / outdoor games , where we wish to spend as much time as possible. The small vegetable garden, mainained with the help of children gives us the opportunity to observe the changes throughout the seasons and to have many discussions about all the plants that grow in our garden.

The interiors are made of wood, designed for the specific activities of the kindergarten and respect for the environment.

La Maison Bleue Baneasa is a bilingual kindergarten, teaching in French and English. Our curriculum complies with the principles and practices of the French educational program, and British respectively, enabling children to eventually enroll (for admission) to French, international or national schools.

According to the principles of “La Maison Bleue”, the parents have a vital role in the life of our school. Thus, throughout the year, we organize events and parties and we give them the opportunity to interact with our professionals and get more involved in our activities.