Our Educational Project

Everyone has an essential role to play in our kindergarten for the well-being and the development of children!

Our facilities were created for the children, the parents and the professionals, with all that is necessary to make everyone feel good, so that the atmosphere is warm and exudes confidence.

Parents entrust us with the beautiful mission to accompany, support and stimulate their children from an early age. We consider that their participation is essential for the child and its evolution, and it is one of the eight commitments of our educational project.

We, the professionals from La maison Bleue, we work every day with enthusiasm to ensure the best living conditions and development of children. In our kindergarten everything is in place for young children to feel good and evolve at their own pace. Through an educational project based on the need for identity of children, we make every effort to ensure that they can embrace the world by being in an emotionally secure environment.

Each location is equipped and furnished for a daily well-being, so that the child can wake reassuringly. With time for games and discovery, many diverse and innovative activities are offered to the child to become autonomous and develop at their own pace.

For example, the activity ” theater in pictures” allows the development of imagination and memory. The “Garden” activity is another innovative project of “La Maison Bleue”, aiming the awakening of children and monitoring of the garden through the seasons, allowing children to discover the benefits of the garden and promoting their psychomotor development.

The collaboration between parents and professionals has enabled us to establish a typical day in La Maison Bleue, to present our vision and course of life in the kindergarten.

Our principles:

  1. Ensure the child’s emotional security.
  2. Establish a relationship of trust with parents, which eases separation.
  3. Ensure each child benefits from care tailored to his/her needs.
  4. Promote the awakening of the child’s autonomy based on personal resources, skills and abilities.
  5. Support the child in recognizing emotions, interests and desires.
  6. Insert group life and socialization.
  7. Involve parents in the life in the kindergarten.
  8. Supporting our teams.